August 31, 2016

A Movie Set, in Three Takes

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Universal Studios Hollywood, Los Angeles, California, October 1990. We did a few touristy things during our first trip to California.

"Welcome to U.S.A.!"

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Atlantic Ocean, July 2, 1949. This is the last newletter the General Howze issued prior to docking in New York City. My friend Kris's Uncle Al did the artwork and hand lettering for the piece.

Thanks to Kris for making this document available to us.

August 22, 2016

August Depth

Oregon, Wisconsin, August 2013. Maintaining a garden at season's end can be tedious work.

A Closer Look (Part 78)

Palanga, Lithuania, about 1920. This is a relative of my paternal Grandfather, Vytautas.

Here's the original post.

August 17, 2016

August 16, 2016

Baby-Chipmunk Reunion

Verona, Wisconsin, August 2016. This fellow recently visited our front steps. Cute feet, cutie!!

A Warm Face

Palanga, Lithuanian Soviet Socialist Republic, about 1956. The man is Joseph, a cousin of my paternal Grandfather Vytautas. He's visiting the seaside resort with his wife and granddaughter.

Thanks to my Toronto Cousin for making this photo available to us.

August 11, 2016

Isolated Reunion

Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado, July 1967. We're staying "on top of things."

ADDED: The location is Sundance Mountain, from Trail Ridge Road. Thanks, D & G!


Kaunas, Lithuania, about 1940. This is my Dad's older cousin Vytas.

August 9, 2016


Salzburg, Austria, July 1971. It wasn't folksy then to wear a dirndl (or lederhosen).

After we pick, we pit.

Door County, Wisconsin, July 1980. It's the second part of the job.

Ha! I remember how much I loved those curtains when Mom sewed them in the 1970s. The fabric featured a Japanese-inspired motif.

August 8, 2016

You're not seeing this for the second time.

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Verona, Wisconsin, July 2016. This blanket is similar to one I knitted two years ago. This time, I used a more baby-friendly yarn: a machine-wash, tumble dry (can you believe it?!), merino wool.