July 8, 2013

A Friend of the Blog

My friend V and I met because of Amber Reunion. This is the second or third time that I've connected (or reconnected) with someone because of a blog. (The first time was when a beloved, high school friend spotted me over at Althouse. Ah! This also counts as a surprise of sorts.)

V, an active, life-long scout, had been searching for historical photos of Lithuanian scouting. She stumbled on this blog, but she did not see a direct way to contact me. Instead of commenting, V wrote to one of the Madison Lithuanians after she saw occasional references here to Wisconsin life. My friend and former folk-dancing teacher, Nijole, put V in touch with me.

V and I have been email pals ever since that original connection, and I am delighted to report that we will be meeting in person this summer.

Indiana, about 1965. Here's V with her Mom. Mom's folkdress is of exquisite quality. The book is about Lithuania's first President, Smetona. You can read more about Smetona here.

Thanks to my friend V for making this photo available to us.

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