July 5, 2016

Off to Work

Suburban Chicago, May 1962. Mom's about to head out for the office.


jmartin said...

I was about to describe her as entirely too soignée to practice medicine, but then link-clicked. A 60/40 income split: grrrrrrr.

Irene said...

She still talks about the 60/40 split, but she was grateful because he allowed her to take a long vacation each summer: she was off during the entire month of July. An interval that long allowed us to drive to some pretty interesting places.

edutcher said...

Another reason for the split may have been her foreign education.

We had a Russian programmer where I worked who wasn't allowed to do coding for the longest time because of that (his wife was, go figure (of course, the place where I worked was very PC)) until he proved how good he was by writing some stuff on his own.

And, yes, getting a full month off was a pretty good compensation.

In any case, she does look less than happy.