August 13, 2016

Furnished Reunion

Urbana, Illinois, June 1981. This was the living room of my furnished apartment.


edutcher said...

Looks more like the 60s than the 80s.

jmartin said...

Cinder block seemed a blessing, after death from cleaned carpets at Washington/Racine in Urbana. N.B. Landlords: if you close windows in August, you will grow death-mold. I spent eight hours in the apartment courtyard, heaving with crossed eyes. Next most toxic experience: mushroom soup poisoning at the Green Bay, WI Oneida hotel/casino.

Irene said...

I kept the drapes drawn because the sliders opened onto a courtyard that was accessible to the public. Someone burglarized the neighboring apartment--in which an expensive stereo system was visible--and I got nervous. Back then, I owned a Nakamichi tape deck, and I treasured it.