January 24, 2014

A Friend's Family

Kėdainiai, Lithuania, probably early 1930s. My friend V sent this image of her Dad (front), her paternal Grandfather, her paternal Uncle, and her paternal Grandmother.

Thanks, V!


edutcher said...

Very nice.

I take it the Baltic States didn't suffer in Uncle Joe's famine.

Irene said...

The famine occurred in 1932 to 1933, I believe (at around the same time as the military purges). The USSR did not occupy Lithuania until 1940. That occupation ended when the Germans invaded in 1941, but the Soviets returnined in 1944.

edutcher said...

From what I've seen (mostly on the History channel), the collectivization of the Kulaks and the resulting famine (8 million or so) are regarded as separate from the political purges (20 million) which began with the murder of Sergei Kirov at the end of '34.


Irene said...

Correct. But Lithuania was not part of the Soviet Union until 1944, so it bypassed the famine.