March 29, 2013

Teacher Crush

Sacred Heart School, Melrose Park, Illinois, Spring 1967. My third-grade classmates cluster around our teacher. It's likely we were heading to an end-of-year field trip to Brookfield Zoo because: (1) one girl wears a nametag; and (2) I otherwise would not have brought my camera to school.


edutcher said...

My sister went to Sacred Heart in Rosemont PA after she got out of grade school.

Apparently, if you look at the link, Sacred Heart schools are the McDonald's of Catholic education.

Did you know this? I sure didn't.

Irene said...

I'm not sure Sacred Hearts were "franchised," but "Sacred Heart" is a common Catholic symbol and a name for a school.

edutcher said...

Keep in mind (to sound perfectly Althousian), I did say apparently and was being a tad sportive.

Although the website makes it sound as if there is some commonality.

Irene said...


Jark said...

I was in that third grade class! It was my last year at Sacred Heart before we moved. Unfortunately I was not in this picture, but I remember most all of these students, and the teacher!