January 8, 2012

Let's knit and chat.

When we visited the Lake of Bays in Ontario, Canada, my Toronto Cousin and her friend joined us for part of the stay in the cabin.

Although my Mom had taught me to knit, my Toronto Cousin inspired me to undertake my first Aran knitting project. When she finished knitting an elegant, zippered Aran cardigan for her boyfriend (now her husband), I decided I could do an Aran sweater, too.

I still have the Bernat Aran pattern book from which my Toronto Cousin knit that zippered sweater.

Lake of Bays, Ontario, Canada, July 1969. I compare knitting notes with my Toronto Cousin. We're leaning against the knotty pine wall of the rental cabin.

*     *     *     *     *

Lake of Bays, Ontario, Canada, July 1969. This is the same photo from which I created a cropped version that I posted earlier.

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