August 14, 2012

More Clues

After I posted an early-twentieth-century photo of some relatives, my Toronto Cousin sent me an image of family members from about 1902. Only after I had looked at the photo for a while did I realize that I'd seen it before here. One of the persons in the photo was a well known pastor who was a pioneer of educational reform during the time Tsarist Russia still occupied Lithuania.

Panemunėlis, Lithuania, about 1902 to 1904. Seated, left to right: my paternal Grandfather's uncle, the priest; my paternal Grandfather, Vytautas, still a boy; Vytautas's mother, Salomea; Solomea's daughter, who died; Vytautas's sister, Victoria; Vytautas's paternal aunt, Stanislava. Standing, left to right: Charles, the first husband of Stanislava; a parish housekeeper; Bronislava, the mother of my Dad's cousins, Henry and Vytas; and Salomea's brother, Leo.

A housekeeper again appears in a family photo. You saw that occur earlier, here and here.

The males in my family strikingly resemble one another.

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