September 16, 2015

The blog celebrates its fourth birthday today.

I've kept my promise to post photos daily. In the last year it was sometimes dicey to make that goal. In January and February, for example, I underwent four weeks of daily radiation that left me battered: radiation was more rattling than any of the chemotherapy treatments I'd had.* Things are better now, thanks to the great providers who oversee my care and a new drug the FDA approved late last year.

When I started blogging, I posted aggressively because I sought to ensure that the "core" family photos would be preserved on this site before I evaporated. As a result, most of the really interesting images have been posted. My supply of snapshots is finite. Although I will continue to blog daily, I likely will decrease the number of posts I publish each day.

Glacier National Park, July 1972. I've walked over to the Many Glacier Hotel, where I enjoy a cola in the lower-level café.

*It was during the drive home from one of those radiation treatments that I hit the deer!


edutcher said...

I think it's great you've taken the time and effort with everything else going on in your life to post your family's story. I don't doubt the effort required to assemble, document, translate, and scan all the photos you've shown would have defeated most people.

Your family's lived the American dream and, hopefully, the blog will help people realize what a great country we really have.

usoniaboy said...

Holy mackerel, FOUR YEARS!

I couldn't stick with mine for four years...

Irene said...

Thanks, everyone!