June 7, 2016


Toronto, Ontario, Canada, July 1969. I don't remember why I was upset when Dad took this photo, but I had been crying.


edutcher said...

Good you put in the caption.

I thought the girl on the left was you. Kind of like one of those TV shows with look-alikes.

(and, boy, what a family resemblance; lookers run in your family)

Irene said...

That's my beloved Toronto Cousin. I don't see the resemblance; she is much prettier than I.

edutcher said...

Oh, no; your wedding, high school, and graduation photos say otherwise. You were a very pretty young woman and the resemblance in the picture jumped right out at me. You were darker, but that's it.

(something I'll never understand, how a lot of good-looking women knock their looks; The Blonde is like that, too; maybe it's being inundated with likenesses of glamor girls)

Irene said...

Thank you!