March 20, 2016

Committee Meeting

Hanau, Germany, about 1946. My friend Nijole's Dad was leader of the Hanau Displaced Persons Camp. He stands on the right, and his wife stands next to him. Thanks to my friend Nijole for making this photo available to us.


Svalbonas said...

This is so fascinating! Thank you for such an in depth site. You mention Nijole and her family were in Hanau. So was my father! I wonder if she has any more images of the outside of the camp? Or perhaps she has a specific address for the camp as her father helped run it? Thank you so much already for answering all of my questions! I am conducting a huge research project this summer in Germany to document these sites so the more information I can get the better!

Irene said...

Click on The "Hanau" Label; the Hanau photos she gave me are all there. You should be able to find the camp addresses by doing a search under .