March 28, 2016

An Earlier Variation

I realized after I published "A Gift for a Guardian Angel" that I neglected to post photos of sweater I earlier had knitted for one of my cherished physicians. It was a big project: the recipient wears extra-long garments, and the finished sweater measured 50 inches across. It took about eight weeks to knit itat a pace of about four hours of knitting per day.

(The most common two remarks people make about knitting: "How long did that take?" and "If I buy the yarn, will you knit me a sweater?")

Madison and Verona, Wisconsin, October 2013. This design is Alice Starmore's "Alba" from The Celtic Collection. I changed the colors to the same 15, undyed natural colors I earlier had used to knit the same sweater for Mr. Irene.

*     *     *     *     *

The design also is available, as a kit, here.

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Oh! And I knitted the original design, way back when, for myself:

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edutcher said...

Nicely done.

Pursuant to, "If I buy the yarn, will you knit me a sweater?", is the bumper sticker on The Blonde's youngest brother's truck, "No, I will not help you move".