March 5, 2014

Tsarist Russia, in Color

"Almost half of the negatives produced by the photographer during his tour of Russia were confiscated when he left the country after the Russian revolution."

ADDED: Color images from early-twentieth century Irkutsk.


edutcher said...

Wow (you knew this would get me)!

I'm impressed by how colorful (and traditional) many of the clothes were, as well as some of the buildings.

The ones from Irkutsk were obviously hand-painted copies of black-and-white photos, but still were probably accurate views.

PS There's a series on WWI that sometimes runs on the History channels which has the same kind of color work.

As many of the armies used the old colorful uniforms in the first months of the war, if you ever wondered what the Civil War looked like or the Hessians in the American Revolution, you get a fair idea.

Irene said...

They're amazing images.