November 27, 2011

End-of-Gun-Deer-Season Reunion

The gun-deer season ends today. We're happy that most of the deer in our neighborhood appear to have made it through another November. I know, they're pests, but I am always excited to see them.

Verona, Wisconsin, March, 2007. The White-Tail family reunites in the yard for a happy greeting.

UPDATE: Welcome Althouse readers. Ha Ha! I always wanted to say that.


Rick T. said...

Where's Daddy (buck)?

Ralph L said...

Forget Dad, where's the beer?

Irene said...

Rick T., Dad limps, so he did not make it into this photo.

(This is an old photo, of course. But this blog is all about old photos!)

Ralph L., the beer stays in the house.

homo œconomicus said...

Not to state the obvious, but hunting is regulated so as to control the population, not decimate it. If no deer survived the season, something would be wrong (and there would be a lot of angry hunters come next season).

Anonymous said...

My dog would love that. Nothing more fun than stumbling on a deer during our morning walk in the park and seeing my beagle/whippet bolt after it. The deer will ussually run away and the dog will go find the spot were the deer were last standing. then its 15 mins of CSI with her carefully assessing the spot with her nose.