September 16, 2011


Welcome to "Amber Reunion," the old photo blog.

Atlantic Ocean, June 1949. This is where everything began. These happy folks are my parents, as immigrants, aboard the "General W.M. Black," the vessel that transported them to the United States. They were Displaced Persons from Lithuania, and they had lived since the end of World War II in the American-occupied zone of Germany.

The ship sailed from Bremerhaven. My Mom was shocked by how small it was. Men and women slept in separate quarters, and everyone ate oatmeal. Most of the passengers got sick during the trip. My parents had never felt better.


Ann Althouse said...

Welcome to America! And the blogosphere!

Meade said...

What that happy couple needs is a daughter. And a poodle.

Irene said...

Every happy American couple needs a poodle (or two).